Taxmann Business Laws for B.Com by SUSHMA ARORA Edition Nov 2022


Taxmann Business Laws for B.Com by SUSHMA ARORA Edition Nov 2022

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Taxmann Business Laws for B.Com by SUSHMA ARORA Edition Nov 2022

Taxmann Business Laws for B.Com by SUSHMA ARORA Edition Nov 2022


This book is a comprehensive & authentic book on ‘Business Laws’. This book aims to fulfill the requirement of students of undergraduate courses in commerce and management, particularly the B.Com (Hons.) Paper BCH 1.3 | Three Year (6-Semester) under CBCS Programme, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board and School of Open Learning of University of Delhi and Various Central Universities throughout India. This book is also useful for CA-Intermediate (IPC), Company Secretaries courses.

The Present Publication is the 8th Edition, authored by Sushma Arora, with the following noteworthy features:

· The following amendments have been included in this book:

o LLP Incorporation Rules vide Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules, 2018, namely:

§ Introduction of specified LLP-RUN services (similar to RUN service for Company Incorporation) for reservation of name for proposed LLP

§ Form FiLLiP i.e., Form for Incorporation of LLP (similar to SPiCe for Company Incorporation)

§ Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons (Amendment) Regulations, 2019

· The subject-matter is presented in a simple, systematic method along with comprehensive explanation of the concept and theories underlying business law.

· [Student-Oriented Book] This book has been developed, keeping in mind the following factors:

o Interaction of the author/teacher with his/her students in the class-room

o Shaped by the author/teachers experience of teaching the subject-matter at different levels

o Reaction and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book

· This book presents a comprehensive coverage of business laws with interesting examples/case studies derived from landmark rulings. It also covers Case Laws recommended by the Department of Commerce, Delhi University

· Test questions, practical problems and true/false statements with hints are given at the end of each chapter to provide students a thorough practice in solving examination questions

· This book also covers examination question papers of Business Laws for the last few years at the end of the book, for reference of students, to have a clear idea of questions normally asked

· Contents of this book is as follows:

o Indian Contract Act, 1872

o Sale of Goods Act, 1930

o Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

o Information Technology Act, 2000

o Question Papers:

§ B.Com. (Hons.) SEM I, 2011

§ B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2012

§ B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2013

§ B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2014

§ B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2015

§ B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS SEM I Dec. 2016

§ B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS SEM I Dec. 2017

§ B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS SEM I Nov. 2018

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