Universal Law Of Wills By GOPALAKRISHNAN’S Edition 2022


Universal Law of Wills by GOPALAKRISHNAN’S Edition 2022

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Universal Law Of Wills By GOPALAKRISHNAN'S Edition 2022


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Universal Law Of Wills By GOPALAKRISHNAN’S Edition 2022

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Gopalakrishnan Law of Wills, since its first publication in 1963, has established itself as an authoritative commentary on the subject. It deals with all the important aspects pertaining to the law of Wills, including relevant forms and precedents.

Key Features:

  • Dealing with Wills of all communities, along with exhaustive case law
  • Contains model forms of wills as well as relevant statutes
  • The new edition has been thoroughly revamped and restructured to aid readability and understanding
  • New chapters on doctrine of waiver and suspicious circumstances surrounding the execution of Will have been added in order to make it an exhaustive work on the subject
  • Includes relevant and latest judgments delivered by the various high courts and Supreme Court such as Lynette Fernandes v Gertie Mathias and Vinodchandra Sakarlal Kapadia v State of Gujarat.
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