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Taxmann’s Guide to Ind ASs Converged IFRSs for CA Final New Syllabus by DS RAWAT Applicable for Nov 2023 Exams

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Taxmann’s Guide to Ind ASs Converged IFRSs for CA Final New Syllabus by DS RAWAT Applicable for Nov 2023 Exams

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Taxmann’s Guide to Ind ASs Converged IFRSs for CA Final New Syllabus by DS RAWAT Applicable for Nov 2023 Exams

Taxmann’s Guide to Ind ASs Converged IFRSs for CA Final New Syllabus by DS RAWAT Applicable for Nov 2023 Exams

This book is prepared exclusively for the Final Level of Chartered Accountancy & Cost Accounts Examination requirement. It covers the entire revised syllabus as per ICAI/ICMAI.

This book serves as a guide for both students & professionals. It has been written to present the complex text of Ind ASs in a simple language and to develop the ability of the students to apply these Ind ASs in their given situations.

The Present Publication is the 11th Edition & updated till 30th April 2023 for CA/CMA Final | Nov. 2023 Exam. This book is authored by Dr D.S. Rawat & CA Pooja Patel with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Simplified Language with Examples] for explaining the text of Ind ASs
  • [Questions with their Solutions] at the end of each chapter
  • [Comparison of each Ind AS with corresponding IFRS] is covered in this book
  • [Coverage of Past Exam Questions & Answers] including the May 2023 Exam
  • [Suggested Answers for the Paper on Financial Reporting]¬†has been incorporated along with more problems and examples to make it as per the examination pattern for the forthcoming examination
  • [Most Amended] This book is updated till 30-04-2023
  • [Follows¬†Six-Sigma Approach] to achieve the Benchmark of Zero-Error
  • [Student-Oriented Book] The author has developed this book keeping in mind the following factors:
    • Interaction of the authors with their students, with specific emphasis on difficulties faced by students in the examinations
    • Shaped by the author’s experience of teaching the subject matter at different levels
    • Reactions and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book
  • Contents of this book are as follows:
    • Introduction to Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)
    • Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting under Ind AS
    • Presentation of Financial Statements (Ind AS-1)
    • Inventories (Ind AS-2)
    • Statement of Cash Flows (Ind AS-7)
    • Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors (Ind AS-8)
    • Events after the reporting period (Ind AS-10)
    • Construction Contracts (Ind AS-11)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA-Final Syllabus
    • Income Taxes (Ind AS-12)
    • Property, Plant and Equipment (Ind AS-16)
    • Leases (Ind AS-17)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Revenue (Ind AS-18)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Employee Benefits (Ind AS-19)
    • Accounting for Government grants and disclosures of Government assistance (Ind AS-20)
    • The effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates (Ind AS-21)
    • Borrowing Cost (Ind AS-23)
    • Related Party Disclosure (Ind AS-24)
    • Separate Financial Statements (Ind AS-27)
    • Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures (Ind AS-28)
    • Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies (Ind AS-29)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Earnings Per Share (Ind AS-33)
    • Interim Financial Reporting (Ind AS-34)
    • Impairment of Assets (Ind AS-36)
    • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (Ind AS-37)
    • Intangible Assets (Ind AS-38)
    • Investment Property (Ind AS-40)
    • Agriculture (Ind AS-41)
    • First-time adoption of Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS-101)
    • Share-based payments (Ind AS-102)
    • Business Combinations (Ind AS-103)
    • Insurance Contracts (Ind AS-104)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations (Ind AS-105)
    • Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources (Ind AS-106) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Operating segments (Ind AS-108)
    • Financial instruments: Recognition, presentation, and disclosure (Ind AS-32), (Ind AS-107), (Ind AS-109)
    • Consolidated financial statements (Ind AS-110)
    • Joint arrangements (Ind AS-111)
    • Disclosure of interest in other entities (Ind AS-112)
    • Fair value measurement (Ind AS-113)
    • Regulatory deferral accounts (Ind AS-114)¬†| Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Revenue from contracts with customers (Ind AS-115)
    • Leases (Ind AS-116)

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About the author

D.S. Rawat

Dr. D.S. Rawat was a Chartered Accountant who taught/guided the CA students (PE-II/Final) for 35+ years. He was awarded a PhD in IFRS. He was a visiting faculty to ICAI for the courses on Accounting Standards and IFRS and associated with the ICAI in the convergence of Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

He has 35+ years of practical experience in accounts/audits of various organizations/companies. He has also authored the following books published by Taxmann:

  • Students’ Guide to Auditing Standards
  • Students’ Guide to Accounting Standards

He has been an active participant and speaker in various Seminars and Conferences on Accounting and Finance.

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Pooja Patel

CA Pooja Patel is a young, dynamic Chartered Accountant, well equipped with the knowledge of Ind-AS, IFRS, GAAP, etc. She is also an advisor to numerous entities on Indian Accounting Standards.

She is actively engaged in guiding the CA Final Students in Surat at CA Ravi Chhawchharia’s Academy Credent Professional Studies and has mentored more than 1,200 Chartered Accountants on this subject.

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