Taxmann’s Entrepreneurship For B.COM by Abha Mathur Edition 2021


Taxmann’s Entrepreneurship For B.COM by Abha Mathur Edition 2021

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This book is a comprehensive & authentic book on ‘Entrepreneurship’. The basic aim of the book is to orient the students towards entrepreneurship as a career option along-with creative thinking and behaviour for effectiveness at work. The book also aims to educate the students on the most pertinent issue of the rapidly evolving world of entrepreneurs and the Government initiatives towards boosting entrepreneurship and Start-up culture amongst youth, for combating the mammoth problem of unemployment in India.

This book aims to fulfill the requirement of following students:

  • B.Com. (Hons.), Semester – II, Paper BCH 2.4(a)
  • B.Com., Semester – VI, Paper BC 6.4(a)
  • Choice Based Credit System (‘CBCS’) courses introduced & revamped in 2019 by University of Delhi

The Present Publication is the 3rd Edition, authored by CA (Dr.) Abha Mathur, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Simple & Systematic Manner of Presentation] The subject-matter is presented in a simple, systematic method along with comprehensive explanation of the concept and theories underlying entrepreneurship
  • [Student-Oriented Book] This book has been developed, keeping in mind the following factors:
    • Interaction of the author/teacher with his/her students in the class-room
    • Shaped by the author/teachers experience of teaching the subject-matter at different levels
    • Reaction and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book
  • [Case-studies & to-do-exercises] This book incorporates all these at the end of the chapter, to enable students to explore and identify the practical aspects of entrepreneurship
  • [SWOT Analysis] After having gone through the book, the students will be able to identify their hidden potential through personal SWOT analysis. They would also learn the methodology and modalities of setting up small business ventures & ways and methods of arranging and managing finances
  • This book contains the method of Appraising a Project, Writing a Project Report, making a Feasibility Study and contains the much needed formats of Business Proposals
  • [Case Studies and Brief Sketches] of successful entrepreneurial stories have been incorporated
  • [Chapter on GST] has been added to facilitate better and enhanced knowledge
  • Contents of this book are as follows:
    • [Introduction]
      • Entrepreneurship – Meaning and Importance, Entrepreneurship in the Indian Context, Entrepreneurship as a Creative Solution Provider
      • Meaning of Various Terms Related to Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Net Entrepreneurship, Technopreneurship
    • [Entrepreneurial Support System]
      • Socio-Economic Support System for Entrepreneurship
      • Public and Private System of Stimulation
      • Role of Development Institutes, Availability of Finance, Marketing, Technology and Project Related Assistance
      • Role of Trade Association and Self-Help Groups for Promotion of Entrepreneurship
      • Types of Business Entities – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Role of MSME Sector in Indian Economy
      • Family Business in India
      • Conflicts in Family Business
      • Startup Action Plan
      • Make in India Initiative
    • [Enterprise Formation Process]
      • Understanding and Analyzing Business Opportunities, Market Demand Analysis, Project Feasibility Study
      • Preparation of Business Plan
      • Cases of Indian Start-ups
    • [Managerial Aspects of Business]
      • Managing Finance – Preparation of Operating/Cost Budget, Cash Budget
      • Understanding Management of Short Term and Long Term Capital
      • Human Resource Planning
      • Contract Management
      • Understanding Marketing Methods
      • Understanding of GST and Other Tax Compliances
    • [Managing Growth]
      • Business Growth Strategies Specific to Small Enterprises
      • Enterprise Life Cycle and Various Growth Strategies
      • Business Collaboration and Outsourcing of Resources
      • Network Management
      • Succession Planning for Sustenance
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