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Taxmann E-TDS Return Software (Single & Multi User) FY 2024-25

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Taxmann E-TDS Return Software (Single & Multi User) FY 2024-25


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Taxmann E-TDS Return Software (Single & Multi User) FY 2024-25

Taxmann E-TDS Return Software (Single & Multi User) FY 2024-25

Taxmann’s e-TDS Returns is an automated software for all end-to-end TDS and TCS related compliances. Using the software, one can prepare and file TDS/TCS return, and generate the TDS/TCS certificates. It helps you in computation of tax liability accurately and hassle-free TDS compliances. Manage TDS compliances of all your clients from one dashboard.

This software is for Financial Year 2021-22, created by Taxmann’s Technologies Team, Dr. Vinod K. Singhania & Dr. Kapil Singhania, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Error-free and Easy to Use] e-TDS provides a precise calculation of TDS and interest. Simple navigation of the software helps you at every step to prepare the TDS returns in just a few clicks
  • [Amended up to Finance Act, 2021] The software is updated with all amendments made by the Finance Act 2021 and the latest FVU/RPU version provided by the NSDL
  • [Easy Import/Export with MS Excel] Facility to import and export the data through the excel template
  • [One interface for all TDS compliance] Manage every activity related to TDS compliance from one interface. Covering return generation and uploading, preparation of TDS/TCS certificates from TRACES, request for a revised return for any correction on TRACES, Bulk PAN Verification, etc. It’s a complete TDS compliance online software without any paperwork
  • [Default Predictor Notice] The software algorithm identifies the possible errors in the return and predicts the possibility of getting a default notice. It helps you to generate an error-free return and minimize the chances of the default notice
  • [TDS as per Alternate Tax Regime] The software provides an option to calculate the TDS on salary income as per the old regime or the new regime. Just select an option, and the tax shall be computed as per the chosen regime
  • [Applicability of Section 194N] Check if the deductee has filed the Income-tax return for the relevant period. The Software will apply the higher TDS rate automatically in the case of defaulters
  • [Flexible and Customization Option for Bulk Users] Customization facility is available for bulk users
  • [Rebuilt on Latest Technology] e-TDS has been rebuilt on the latest technology to provide you with a secured database (password protected), fast processing, and better experience. Now quickly generate bulk TDS entries
  • [No Loss of Data and Backup Flexibility] Facility to take backup of your data from e-TDS to Dropbox.com. You can quickly restore data from Dropbox.com in case of any damage/loss of data. Backup can be taken organization wise, year-wise or full backup
  • [Available in Single User/Multi-User Setups] The software is available for both single-user and multi-users (5 users)

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