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Taxmann Business Environment the Essential Economic Ecosystem by Satya P Das and JK Goyal and Deepti Kakar Edition 2024


Taxmann Business Environment the Essential Economic Ecosystem by Satya P Das and JK Goyal and Deepti Kakar Edition 2024

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Taxmann Business Environment the Essential Economic Ecosystem by Satya P Das and JK Goyal and Deepti Kakar Edition 2024

Taxmann Business Environment the Essential Economic Ecosystem by Satya P Das and JK Goyal and Deepti Kakar Edition 2024

The textbook covers core subjects in managerial programs, focusing on Managerial Economics and the Business Environment, which are fundamental for understanding macro-economic analysis. This book discusses the multifaceted aspects of the business environment, with a special focus on the economic ecosystem. By integrating fundamental concepts with practical examples and exercises, it aims to facilitate comprehension, provide realistic insights, and offer practice opportunities for concept recall.

This comprehensive textbook is designed to be an invaluable resource for B-school students at both postgraduate and graduate levels, pursuing managerial programs. It is equally beneficial for traditional degree programs incorporating macroeconomics courses. The book caters to a diverse student body, including those from engineering, science, and liberal arts backgrounds, making complex economic principles accessible to all.

The Present Publication is the Latest Edition, authored by Prof. (Dr.) Satya P. Das, Prof. (Dr.) J.K. Goyal, and Prof. (Dr.) Deepti Kakar. The noteworthy features of this book are as follows:

  • [Comprehensive Coverage] The book spans crucial topics from getting started with economic basics to in-depth analyses of fiscal and monetary policies, inflation, central banking, and macroeconomic management in an open economy
  • [Accessible to All Backgrounds] Tailored to demystify economic concepts for students irrespective of their academic past, ensuring a deep understanding of managerial economics and the business environment
  • [Structured Learning Path] The contents are strategically aligned with the academic structure of two-year full-time management programs, covering core papers on managerial and macro-economic analysis
  • [Engaging and Informative] Unique conversational writing style, managerial implications for each topic, and various exercises, including descriptive questions, numerical problems, quizzes, and crosswords
  • [Versatile Content] Incorporates essential subject matter relevant across various B-schools, regardless of course title differences such as Macro-economic Management or Economic Environment of Business.
  • [Rich in Examples] This book offers an abundance of real-world and scriptural examples within the text to enhance learning and relevance

The book is structured into thirteen comprehensive chapters, each concluding with exercises to reinforce the concepts covered. Additionally, it includes answers to selected questions at the end.

  • Getting Started – Introduces the concept of the business environment, emphasising its importance for analysis and understanding
  • Dimensions of Business Environment – Analyses economic and non-economic dimensions through contemporary examples
  • From Micro Management to Macro Management – Transitions from micro-level to macro-level discussions
  • Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective – Discusses the evolution of macroeconomic theories globally
  • National Income – Covers measurement and concepts, focusing on business implications
  • Economic Growth and Development – Broadens perspectives beyond income, examining challenges and opportunities
  • Income and Employment – Analyses the relationship between income and employment and its significance
  • Fiscal Policy and Budget – Highlights the government’s role in the business environment
  • Money and Banking – Discusses the evolution and role of these elements in economic growth
  • Inflation – Explains the concept and its implications for business
  • Central Banking, Monetary Policy, and Interest Rates – Examines the impact of central banking and policy-making
  • Integration of Fiscal and Monetary Policies – Introduces the IS-LM Model, Phillips Curve, and stagflation concepts
  • Macroeconomic Management in an Open Economy – Discusses international transactions and global institutions in an open economy context

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About the author

Satya P. Das

Dr. Satya P. Das is a courtesy faculty member of the Department of Economics at the University of South Florida, USA. Before this, he was a visiting professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (3 years), a professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre (21 years), a professor at the Indiana University Bloomington, USA (8 years) and an assistant and associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (9 years). He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Utkal University, Odisha, MA degree in economics from Delhi School of Economics, and a PhD from Southern Methodist University, USA.

He has published numerous articles in professional journals and authored four books:

  • Monograph on Business Cycles [1993]
  • NCERT Class XII Microeconomics Text [2002]
  • Managerial Economics (2007 and 2022)
  • Textbook on the Economics of Terrorism (2022)

He was the founding editor of the Indian Growth and Development Review and has guided several doctoral theses. His hobbies include bicycling, listening to music, singing and travelling. He currently lives in Florida, USA, with his wife, Rajashree.

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J.K. Goyal

Dr. J. K. Goyal is a visiting professor in several prestigious business schools and colleges in Delhi, NCR. Earlier, he worked as the Director at the Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini and Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies. He is a very respected academician and administrator par excellence.

An honours graduate in Economics from Punjab University, Dr. Goyal was awarded the Gold Medal for securing the first position in the University. He has done his Masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and, subsequently, PhD from the Faculty of Commerce and Business, University of Delhi. Dr. Goyal, started his professional career as a Lecturer at Delhi University. With over four decades of teaching experience, his forte lies in teaching Managerial Economics, Macroeconomic Management, Economic Environment of Business to MBA students and Microeconomics, and Business Economics to B.Com. (H) and BBA students. He has presented research papers at various national/international seminars and has written several articles. He has also guided M.Phil. and Ph. D scholars.

He has co-authored a textbook on Managerial Economics published by the Sage Group.

His hobbies include playing tennis, trekking, globe-trotting and listening to Sufi music.

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Deepti Kakar

Dr. Deepti Kakar is a Professor in the Department of Management – PGDM at Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi. She holds a Ph.D. in management and a post-graduate degree in economics and management. Her specialisation lies in micro-economic decision-making, macro-economic management and business environment. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, her research interest is consumer behaviour and developmental issues. She has presented research papers at national and international conferences and published several research articles and case studies. In addition to teaching assignments, she is actively involved in editorial roles and mentors the Literary and Dramatics Society at her workplace. Her hobbies include spending time with plants, listening to birds and reading fiction.