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Taxmann Accounting Standards (AS) Notified Under Companies Act 2013 Jaly 2023


Taxmann Accounting Standards (AS) Notified Under Companies Act 2013 Jaly 2023

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Taxmann Accounting Standards (AS) Notified Under Companies Act 2013 Jaly 2023

Taxmann Accounting Standards (AS) Notified Under Companies Act 2013 Jaly 2023

Accounting Standards (AS) contains the updated Accounting Standards Rules, 2021, notified under the Companies Act, 2013, [enforced with effect from 01-04-2021].

The Present Publication is the July 2023 Edition, updated till 18th July 2023. This book is edited by Taxmann’s Editorial Board, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Text of New Accounting Standard Rules, 2021] notified under Companies Act, 2013 (Enforced w.e.f. 1-4-2021)
  • [Detailed Guide on Exemptions/Relaxations] in Accounting Standards for¬†Small and Medium Companies (SMCs)
  • [Complete Checklist] on the applicability of Accounting Standards for SMCs and Non-SMCs

The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Arrangement of Rules
    • Short Title and Commencement
    • Definitions
    • Accounting Standards
    • Obligation to Comply with Accounting Standards
    • Qualification for Exemption or Relaxation in respect of SMC
  • General Instructions
  • Accounting Standards
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 1: Disclosure of Accounting¬†Policies
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 2: Valuation of Inventories
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 3: Cash Flow Statements
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 4: Contingencies and Events occurring after the Balance Sheet Date
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 5: Net Profit or Loss for the Period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 7: Construction Contracts
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 9:¬†¬†Revenue Recognition
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 10:¬†¬†Property, Plant and Equipment
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 11:¬†¬†The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 12: Accounting for Government Grants
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 13: Accounting for Investments
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 14: Accounting for Amalgamations
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 15: Employee Benefits
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 16: Borrowing Costs
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 17: Segment Reporting
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 18: Related Party Disclosures
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 19: Leases
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 20: Earnings Per Share
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 21: Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 22: Accounting for Taxes on Income
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 23: Accounting for Investments in Associates in Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 24: Discontinuing Operations
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 25: Interim Financial Reporting
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 26: Intangible Assets
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 27: Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 28: Impairment of Assets
    • Accounting Standard (AS) 29: Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

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