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Tax Publishers Company Law and Practice Made Easy For CA & CS by Amit Baxi Edition 2024

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Tax Publishers Company Law and Practice Made Easy For CA & CS by Amit Baxi Edition 2024

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Tax Publishers Company Law and Practice Made Easy For CA & CS by Amit Baxi Edition 2024

Tax Publishers Company Law and Practice Made Easy For CA & CS by Amit Baxi Edition 2024

The present Companies Act, 2013 along with all its complexities and intricacies presents both challenges and opportunities to a Company Law Practicing Professional. While the compliance landscape may seem daunting, it also offers a canvas for the professionals to demonstrate their expertise, guide businesses through complex regulations and contribute to the efficient functioning of the corporate sector.

Against this backdrop, this present Book Titled “Company Law Practice Made Easy for CA & CS,” endeavours to be more than a mere compendium of Act and Rules; it aspires to be a Complete Practice Guide for Chartered Accountants (CA), Company Secretaries (CS) and other practicing professionals by providing practical insights and step-by-step guidance essential for navigating in day-to-day Company Law compliance and practice.

This Book is an exhaustive practice guide meticulously curated to unravel the intricacies of day-to-day practice of the Companies Act, 2013. The unique features of this book are :

— The book contains relevant information only.

— The coverage is non-technical and easily understandable.

— The presentation is off beat allowing easy, comfortable and even interesting reading.

— The coverage of subject matter is comprehensive enough, providing all vital information.

— Apart from coverage of the subject matter of the book, additional material has also been provided as value addition.

The most important requirement for a company professional is the speed at which he should be able to locate the important information, apart from accuracy and authenticity of the information concerned. Part I of this Book Titled “Instant Referencer” serves this purpose. It is designed to navigate through the maze of complex company law annual compliances. Amongst other things this Part provides for the exemptions available to various types of companies, Threshold Limits Applicability Chart, List of compoundable and non-compoundable offences, List of Forms under the Companies Act, 2013 and various other handy material. This section serves as a quick-reference tool for professionals seeking efficient and accurate information required in day-to-day company law compliance.

Part II named “Important Legal Provisions” delves into all important legal provisions which are required by the professionals in every day company law practice. It consists of Legal provisions relating to Types of Companies, Digital Signatures, DIN, Incorporation of a Company, Memorandum and Articles of Association and various other facets of company management, right from the board meetings to managerial remuneration, etc. In addition, this Part also covers aspects such as share capital, accounts and financial statements, auditors, corporate social responsibility, strike off, etc. In all, this part provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing companies.

Part III of this Book consists of handpicked Procedures required in day-to-day Company Law Practice. Starting from simple yet necessary procedures such as obtaining digital signatures, Director Identification Numbers (DINs), opening account on MCA, to much complicated and intricate procedures like company incorporation, alteration of MOA or AOA, change of Registered Office, appointment of Auditors, Directors and their resignation, Holding meetings, Issue of Shares, etc. are all covered in this Part.

The final Part IV of this Book serves as a huge repository of various drafts and specimens required in every day company law practice. It consists of draft notices, minutes, resolutions, various reports, MOA & AOA and other essential documents and formats. The drafts provided in this Part are not mere templates, they are carefully crafted tools designed to assist in drafting accurate and compliant documents, saving time and ensuring precision in corporate compliance.

With all these exclusivities, this book aims to become an indispensable companion for practicing professionals navigating through the complexities of Indian company law. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy and currency, readers are encouraged to refer to the latest legislative and regulatory updates to stay abreast of any changes that may have occurred after the publication of this Book.

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