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Statutory Registers (15 In One) as per The Companies Act 2013


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Statutory Register refers to specific records about a company’s shareholders, directors, and the meetings held. These records are in addition to the normal accounting records that companies are also meant to keep. Most of the companies keep their statutory registers in a loose-leaf binder or bound book, but they can keep it in any form like a computer record. The Companies Act, 2013 requires every company to furnish these records before ROC (registrar of companies) within specific time limits together with prescribed fees.

Our product is a 15 in 1 binded register as per the formats prescribed in the Companies Act 2013. In a single register, the company can make all the compliances as per the Companies Act.

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Statutory Registers (15 In One) as per The Companies Act 2013

New Statutory Register (15 In One) as per The Companies Act 2013. It consists of the following 15 registers:

  1. Application and Allotment
  2. Members (MGT-1)
  3. Debenture Holders
  4. KMP & Share Holdings
  5. Share Transfer
  6. Contract (MBP-4)
  7. Beneficial Owner (Ben-3)
  8. Loan & Guarantees MBP-2
  9. Investment MBP -3
  10. Charges (CHG-7)
  11. Dividend
  12. Fixed Assets
  13. Attendance
  14. Minutes Book
  15. Seal Book