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BPB Publication Python Guide for Web Scraping

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Python Guide for Web Scraping

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Get hands-on training on any web crawling/scraping tool and uses of web scraping in the real-time industry


Includes numerous use-cases on the use of web scraping for industrial applications.
Learn how to automate web scraping tasks.
Explore ready-made syntaxes of Python scripts to run web scraping.

A Python Guide for Web Scraping is a book that will give information about the importance of web scraping using Python. It includes real-time examples of web scraping. It implies the automation use cases of web scraping as well. It gives information about the different tools and libraries of web scraping so that readers get a wide idea about the features and existence of web scraping.

In this book, we started with the basics of Python and its syntactical information. We briefed about the use cases and features of Python. We have explained the importance of Python in automation systems. Furthermore, we have added information about real-time industrial examples. We have concentrated and deep-dived into Python?s importance in web scraping, explained the different tools and their usages. We have explained the real-time industrial domain-wise use cases for web scraping.


Explore the Python syntax and key features of using Python for web scraping.
Usage of Python in the web scraping tasks and how to automate scraping.
How to use different libraries and modules of Python.

This book is basically for data engineers and data programmers who have a basic knowledge of Python and for the readers who want to learn about web scraping projects for industries.

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