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BPB Publication PC Repair & Troubleshooting Guide

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PC Repair & Troubleshooting Guide

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We all use technology?and we all have problems with it. Don?t get frustrated? and don?t waste money on costly repair or support calls! Solve the problems yourself, with the one guide that makes it easy: PC Repair and Troubleshooting Guide. Using clear pictures, handy ?symptom tables,? and easy-to-use flowcharts, Mark Edward Soper walks you step-by-step through identifying, solving, and preventing hundreds of today?s most aggravating tech problems. Soper covers all your major platforms: iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows systems, and more. He even helps you fix the weird problems that happen when you use them together!

Regain lost Internet access and fix broken Wi-Fi connections
Solve problems with viewing and sharing media or other files
Track down power problems wherever they arise
Troubleshoot printing problems and print from smartphones or tablets
Fix missing video or audio on your HDTV or home theater system
Get syncing working right on your Apple or Android device
Improve your PC?s 3D gaming performance
Identify and replace flaky memory chips
Prevent overheating that can damage your equipment
Solve common problems with digital cameras and DV camcorders
Troubleshoot iOS or Android antennas, updates, screens, and connectivity
Get FaceTime working right on your iPhone or iPad
Troubleshoot eReaders and display your eBooks on additional devices
Sensibly decide whether to upgrade, repair, or replace

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