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BPB Publication Neural Network for Beginners

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Neural Network for Beginners

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Understand applications like reinforcement learning, automatic driving and image generation.
Understand neural networks accompanied with figures and charts.
Learn about determining coefficients and initial values of weights.

Deep learning helps you solve issues related to data problems as it has a vast array of mathematical algorithms and has capacity to detect patterns.

This book starts with a quick view of deep learning in Python which would include definition, features and applications. You would be learning about perceptron, neural networks, Backpropagation. This book would also give you a clear insight of how to use Numpy and Matplotlin in deep learning models.

By the end of the book, you?ll have the knowledge to apply the relevant technologies in deep learning.


To develop deep learning applications, use Python with few outside inputs.
Study several ideas of profound learning and neural networks
Learn how to determine coefficients of learning and weight values
Explore applications such as automation, image generation and reinforcement learning
Implement trends like batch Normalisation, dropout, and Adam

Deep Learning from the Basics is for data scientists, data analysts and developers who wish to build efficient solutions by applying deep learning techniques. Individuals who would want a better grasp of technology and an overview. You should have a workable Python knowledge is a required. NumPy knowledge and pandas will be an advantage, but that?s completely optional.

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