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BPB Publication Mastering Azure Serverless Computing

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Mastering Azure Serverless Computing

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A comprehensive guide that will teach you to build and implement Azure serverless solutions

The book starts with the basic concepts of Serverless Computing, its evolution, characteristics, and benefits. The next set of chapters is based on Azure Function as a Service (FaaS) programming model where you will gain proficiency in creating Serverless Azure Function, which is the basic unit of Azure Serverless Computing. Furthermore, the book focuses on building Azure Serverless Messaging, Integration, and Workflow that facilitates communication between components in the Azure Serverless ecosystem. Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Service Bus are explained in detail. You will also work with advanced Azure Serverless services such as Azure Serverless Database and Azure Serverless Kubernetes that are essential for building highly scalable (at runtime) next-generation Serverless applications. Towards the end, the book focuses on reference architectures for Serverless Computing scenarios.
By now, you will be proficient in working with Azure Serverless components, and their integration and can design and build an end to end Azure Serverless solution.

Key Features
Learn the Function as a Service (FaaS) offering from Microsoft Azure
Build Enterprise-grade workflows and integration using Azure Logic App
Build event-driven Serverless solutions using Azure Event Grid
Use Azure Service Bus to facilitate messaging between Azure Serverless components
Implement advanced Serverless services such as Azure Serverless SQL Database and Azure Serverless Kubernetes
What Will You Learn
Design and implement Serverless workflows using Azure Logic Apps
Design and implement Integration Services using Azure Event Grid
Learn how to build Messaging Services on Azure Serverless platform
Work with Azure Serverless SQL database
Get familiar with Azure Serverless Kubernetes Architecture
Who this Book is For
Anyone familiar with Cloud Fundamentals can use this book to get upskilled in Azure Serverless Computing and become an expert in it. Architects and Developers proficient in Microsoft Azure can use this book to learn Azure Serverless Computing and apply the knowledge gained to design and build solutions in this area.

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