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Lawmann’s Controversial Evidence by ML Dharmapurikar Edition 2020


Lawmann’s Controversial Evidence by ML Dharmapurikar Edition 2020

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Introduction **Opinions of Experts **Expert Opinion on the Management of Infections in The Diabetic Foot. **Expert Opinion and Compensation **Cases in Which Secondary Evidence Relating to Documents May be Given **Comparison of Signature, Writing or Seal With Others Admitted or Proved **Evidence of Terms of Contract, Grants And Other Dispositions of Property Reduced to Form of Document **Exclusion of Evidence Against Application of Doucment to Existing Facts **Exclusion of Evidence of Oral Agreement **Facts Admitted Need Not be Proved **Facts of Which Court Must Take Judicial Notice **Ground of Opinions, When Relevant **Opinion on Relationship, When Relevant **Oral Evidence Must be Direct **Presumption as to Document Admissible in England Without Proof of Seal or Signature **Presumption As to Documents Produced As Record of Evidence **Presumption As to Documents Thirty Years Old **Presumption as to Due Exectuion, Etc., of Documents Not Produced **Presumption As to Electronic Records Five Years Old **Presumption as to Gazettes, Newspapers Private Acts of Parliament And Other Documents **Presumption As to Genuineness of Certified Copies **Presumption as to Maps or Plans Made By Authority of Authority of Government **Presumption as to Power-of-Attorney **Primary Evidence **Proof of Contents of Documents **Proof of Documents by Primary Evidence **Proof of Documents by Production of Certified Copies **Proof of Execution of Documents Required by Law to be Attested **Proof of Facts by Oral Evidence **Proof of Signature And Handwriting of Person Alleged to Have Signed or Written Document Produced **Proof Where Not Attesting Witness Found **Public Documents **Secondary Evidence **Expert Opinions in Forecasting Role of the Delphi Technique **Expert Opinion in Statistical Models **Expert Opinion on Regulatory Risk Assessment **Expert Scientific Opinion on CSIRO GM WHEAT Varieties