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Bharat’s Trademarks Law by Jyoti Rattan & Alok Krishan Edition 2021


Bharat’s Trademarks Law by Jyoti Rattan Edition 2021

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Chapter 1        Trademark and International Law

Chapter 2        Preliminary

Chapter 3        The Register and Conditions for Registration

Chapter 4        Procedure for and Duration of Registration

Chapter 5        Effect of Registration

Chapter 6        Passing off under trademark

Chapter 7        Assignment and Transmission

Chapter 8        Use of Trademarks and Registered Users

Chapter 9        Rectification and Correction of the Register

Chapter 10      Collective Marks

Chapter 11      Certification Trademarks

Chapter 12      Special Provisions for Textile Goods

Chapter 13      Appellate Board

Chapter 14      Offences, Penalties and Procedure

Chapter 15      Miscellaneous