Thomson?s White-Collar Crimes in India by Susanah Naushad ? 1st Edition 2021


Thomson’s White-Collar Crimes in India by Susanah Naushad – 1st Edition 2021

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White-collar crimes cost India billions every year. Effective prevention and clamp down on these crimes are crucial to the country’s economic health. Being a relatively new and dynamic field, it constantly throws up ambiguity in procedural and evidentiary issues, such as the powers of investigation agencies, grant of bail to the accused, the burden of proof applied during the trial and the liability of offences by a corporate and its officials.

White-Collar Crimes in India seeks to decode these crimes in India by covering a broad range of topics from several perspectives. It attempts to throw light on many contentious and complex issues in the regulatory and enforcement sphere from the perspective of both an individual as well as an organization.

This book delves into significant policy issues concentrating on the legal rights and duties of corporate India and its officials, the potential complexities that businesses could face on account of white-collar statutes, and the cost of doing business in India in the days and years to come. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the recent and ongoing shifts in white-collar crime jurisprudence in India and its impact on Indian businesses.

Part I White-Collar Offences

Chapter 1—White-Collar Crimes: Evolution and the Changing Dynamics
Chapter 2—White-Collar Crimes and the Indian Penal Code
Chapter 3—The Prevention of the Corruption Act, 1988
Chapter 4—Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
Chapter 5—Companies Act, 2013
Chapter 6—The Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018

Part II Procedural Aspects Involved

Chapter 7—Process of Criminal Trial in India
Chapter 8—Complaint and FIR
Chapter 9—Investigation
Chapter 10—Search and Seizure
Chapter 11—Arrest
Chapter 12—Bail

PART III Contemporaneous Legal Issues

Chapter 13—Cross-Border Criminal Investigations
Chapter 14—Corporate Criminal Liability
Chapter 15—Approvers
Chapter 16—Internal Investigations
Chapter 17—Whistle-blowers
Chapter 18—Rule of Legal Privilege
Chapter 19—Conclusion

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