Taxmann’s Guide to Customer Valuation by H K Maingi Edition 2021


Taxmann’s Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) As amended by companies (Indian Accounting Standards Amendment Rules 2021 Edition 2021

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Taxmann’s Guide to Customer Valuation by H K Maingi Edition 2021


Guide to Customs Valuation is a complete and comprehensive commentary on laws relating to valuation under Customs laws. It is a brief, concise and handy reference book, which provides the updated and simplified analysis of provisions to determine valuation under the Customs laws.

This book will be helpful for Customs Consultants, Advocates, Corporate Managers & Departmental Officers.

This book is divided into two parts:

  • Valuation of Imported Goods
  • Valuation of Export Goods

The Present Publication is the Latest Edition, authored by H.K. Maingi, amended up to July 2021, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Conceptual Understanding of Valuation] Conceptual understanding of provisions of Valuation under Section 14 of Customs Act and Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007
  • [Valuation] Valuation of Imported Goods & Exported Goods, Valuation in case of High Sea Sales & related persons, Valuation of capital goods on debonding, etc.
  • [Various Additions in Transaction Value] Various additions in Transaction Value such as Brokerage, Service Charge, Transportation, etc.
  • [Other Concepts] Concepts of related persons, under-invoicing and over-invoicing, Special Valuation Branch, etc.

This edition covers everything you need to understand about the provisions of Valuation under Customs in a subtle and simplified language.

The detailed coverage of the book is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Valuation of Imported Goods
    • Transaction Value
    • Transaction Value to be Accepted in the Absence of Condition and Restriction under Rule 3(2)
    • Contract Prices and Transaction Value
    • High Sea Sales and Transaction Value
    • Related Persons
    • Transaction Value of Identical or Similar Goods and Contemporaneous Imports
    • Deductive Value
    • Computed Value
    • Residual Method
    • Reliance on Foreign Journals indicating International Prices for Determining Assessable Value
    • Addition to Transaction Value Royalty, Licence and Technical Know-How Fees
    • Other Addition to Transaction Value
    • Declaration by the Importer
    • Rejection of Declared Value
    • Investigation by Special Valuation Branch
  • Valuation of Export Goods
    • Export Valuation
    • Under-Invoicing and Over-Invoicing of Exports
    • Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007
    • Inclusion/Exclusion Duty Element from Cum Duty Price
    • Valuation of Goods Sold in DTA from EOU and Debonding of Capital Goods from EOU
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