Taxmann’s Choice Based Credit System Financial Accounting Set of 2 Vols for B.COM (H) by BHUSHAN KUMAR GOYAL Edition 2021


Taxmann’s Choice Based Credit System Financial Accounting Set of 2 Vols for B.COM (H) by BHUSHAN KUMAR GOYAL & HN TIWARI Edition 2020

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This book is a comprehensive & authentic textbook in two-volumes on ‘Financial Accounting. This book aims to fulfill the requirement of students of undergraduate courses in commerce and management, particularly the B.Com (Hons.) Sem (I) Paper BCH 1.2 under CBCS Programme, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board and School of Open Learning of University of Delhi and Various Central Universities throughout India.

The Present Publication in two-volumes is the 8th Edition, authored by Bhushan Kumar Goyal & H.N. Tiwari, with the following noteworthy features:

· The subject-matter is presented in a simple, systematic method along with comprehensive explanation of the concept and theories underlying financial accounting.

· [Student-Oriented Book] This book has been developed, keeping in mind the following factors:

o Interaction of the author/teacher with his/her students in the class-room

o Shaped by the author/teachers experience of teaching the subject-matter at different levels

o [Specific Emphasis] Reaction and responses of students have been incorporated at different places in the book

· This book provides a comprehensive presentation of theory, procedure and practice of accounting

· This book contains a large number of solved illustrations with working notes along with practical assignments and latest question papers (in Volume – II) of the book. True/false type questions have also been incorporated

· Accounting treatment has been given in conformity with Accounting Standards and relevant Statutes

· Chapter on Accounting for Property, Plant & Equipment and Depreciation has been revised as per AS-10 (Revised Property, Plant and Equipment). The book also includes a comparison between Accounting Standards and Ind AS regarding revenue recognition and inventory valuation

· Contents of this book is as follows:

o Accounting System

o Financial Accounting Principles

o Introduction to Accounting Standards and Ind-AS

o Accounting Process: Journal and Ledger

o Accounting Process: Subsidiary Books, Ledger and Trial-Balance

o Measurement of Business Income and Revenue Recognition

o Accounting for Property, Plant, Equipment and Depreciation

o Inventory Valuation

o Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Receipts

o Financial Statements of Non-Corporate Business Entities

o Financial Statements for Not-For-Profit Organisations

o Accounting for Hire Purchase and Instalment System

o Lease Accounting

o Accounting for Inland Branches

o Departmental Accounting

o Partnership Accounting – Fundamentals, Admission, Retirement and Death-Overview

o Accounting for Dissolution of Partnership Firms

o Computerised Accounting System

o Change of Method of Depreciation with Retrospective Effect (As Per AS-6)

o Question Papers:

§ November/December, 2017 B.Com. (Hons.), CBCS

§ November/December, 2018 B.Com. (Hons.), CBCS

§ November/December, 2019 B.Com. (Hons.), CBCS

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