Taxmann Direct Taxes Law and Practice For CA Final, CS Professional, CMA, M.Com, MBA, LLB & Other Specialised Examinations by VINOD K SINGHANIA & KAPIL SINGHANIA A.Y.2021-2022

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Taxmann’s flagship publication on Direct Taxes has been to the ‘go-to-guide’ for Students & Professional Practitioners for the past 40 years now. This book aims at not only making the reader understand the law & but also helps the reader develop the ability to apply the law. In other words, this books aims at providing the reader the following:

Acquire a familiarity with the direct tax provisions
Awareness of direct tax provisions
The nature and scope of direct tax provisions
Up-to-date knowledge of how a statutory provision has been interpreted by different courts of law on different occasions
This book is written in a simple language, explaining the provision of the law in a step-by-step & to-the-point manner – with the help of suitable illustrations, without resorting to paraphrasing of sections and legal jargons.

This book will be useful for students appearing in CA, CS, ICWA, M.Com., LL.B. and MBA examinations. It will also be useful for those appearing the the income-tax departmental examination.

The Present Publication is the 64th Edition, authored Dr. Vinod K. Singhania & Dr. Kapil Singhania, and updated till 20th December 2020, with the following noteworthy features:

[Self-Learning/Practice Book]; Features learn-yourself-technique enabling students to learn & apply the Law faster
[Treatment of Text is To-The-Point] The matter is arranged in paras and sub-paras with distinct numbers to save time and energy. Also, debatable issues have been deliberated to their logical conclusion
[Well-Thought-Out-Original-Problems] Each para starts with analytical discussions supported by 600+ ‘well-thought-out-original-problems’. A unique style of illustrating all complex provisions has been adopted. Hints are also given wherever tax planning can be resorted to
[Most Amended] Latest Circulars, Notifications, Amendments & Case Laws (up to December 20 2020) are included in all discussions. All recent citation of Court Rulings, Circulars and Notifications have been highlighted
[Past Exam Questions with Answers] Question set for CA (Final) examination and answers from November 2010 to November 2020
Follows Six-Sigma Approach to achieve the benchmark of ‘Zero-Error’
Also Available:
[1st Edition] of Taxmann’s Direct Taxes Laws & International Taxation (Set of 2 Volumes)
[1st Edition] of Taxmann’s Class Notes on Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
[1st Edition] of Taxmann’s Cracker on Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
Coverage of this book includes:
Basic Concepts
Residential Status and Tax Incidence
Incomes Exempt from Tax
Income from House Property
Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
Capital Gains
Income from Other Sources
Income of Other Persons Included in Assessee’s Total Income
Set Off and Carry Forward of Losses
Deductions from Gross Total Income and Tax Liability
Agricultural Income
Typical Problems on Assessment of Individuals
Tax Treatment of Hindu Undivided Families
Special Provisions Governing Assessment of Firms and Associations of Persons
Taxation of Companies
Assessment of Co-operative Societies
Assessment of Charitable and Other Trusts
Returns of Income and Assessment
Penalties and Prosecution
Advance Payment of Tax
Tax Deduction or Collection at Source
Refund of Excess Payments
Appeals and Revisions
Income-tax Authorities
Settlement of Cases
Special Measures in Respect of Transaction with Persons Located in Notified Jurisdiction Area
General Anti-avoidance Rule
Advance Ruling for Non-residents
Search, Seizure and Assessment
Transfer Pricing
Business Restructuring
Alternative Tax Regime
Tax Planning
Tax Rates
Rates of Depreciation
Question set for CA (Final) examination and answers from November 2010 to November 2020

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1,346.00 1,795.00

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1. Basic concepts
2. Residential status and tax Incidence
3. Incomes exempt from tax
4. Salaries
5. Income from house property
6. Profits and gains of business or profession
7. Capital gains
8. Income from other sources
9. Income of other persons Included in assessee’s total income
10. Set off and carry forward of losses
11. Deductions from gross total income and tax liability
12. Agricultural income
13. Typical problems on assessment of individuals
14. Tax treatment of Hindu undivided families
15. Special provisions governing assessment of firms and association of persons
16. Taxation of companies
17. Assessment of co-operative societies
18. Assessment of charitable and other trusts
19. Return of income and assessment
20. Penalties and prosecutions
21. Advance payment of tax
22. Interest
23. Tax deduction or collection at source
24. Refund of excess payments
25. Appeals and revisions
26. Income-tax authorities
27. Settlement of cases
28. Special measures In respect of transactions with persons located in notified jurisdictional area
29. General Anti-avoidance Rule
30. Advance ruling for non-residents
31. Search, seizure and assessment
32. Transfer pricing
33. Business restructuring
34. Tax planning
35. Miscellaneous

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