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Part: I TDS Ready Referencer
Chapter: 1 TDS Provisions at a Glance [Sections 190 to 206AA]
Chapter: 2 TDS Chart
Chapter: 3 TDS Rates
Chapter: 4 TDS Rates in Some Special Cases
Part: II TDS in Regard to Certain Payments
Section: A TDS from Salary Related Payments [Sections 192, 192A]
Chapter: 5 Scheme of TDS from Salary
Chapter: 6 Computation of Salary for TDS
Chapter: 7 Computation of Tax to be Deducted from Salary
Chapter: 8 CBDT Clarifications Vis-a-vis TDS Under Section 192
Chapter: 9 Case Law Clarifying Issues Vis-a-Vis TDS Under Section 192
Chapter: 10 TDS Vis-a-Vis Salary Payment Outside India or to Non-Residents
Chapter: 11 Statement, Forms Relevant to Section 192
Chapter: 12 Real Life Queries/Case Studies Regarding TDS From Salary
Chapter: 13 TDS on Premature Withdrawal from Employees Provident Fund Scheme [Section 192A]
Section: B TDS from Interest and Dividend Payments [Sections 193, 194, 194A]
Chapter: 14 TDS from Interest on Securities [Section 193]
Chapter: 15 TDS from Dividend [Section 194]
Chapter: 16 TDS from Interest Other than Interest on Securities [Section 194A]
Chapter: 17 Exceptional Circumstances Not Subject to TDS Under Section 194A

Chapter: 18 CBDT Clarifications Vis-a-Vis Applicability of Section 194A
Chapter: 19 Real Life Queries Regarding TDS Under Section 194A
Section: C TDS from Winnings From Lottery, Horse Races, Etc. [Sections 194B, 194BB]
Chapter: 20 TDS from Winning from Lottery or Crossword Puzzles or Card Games, Etc. [Section 194B]
Chapter: 21 TDS from Winnings from Horse Races [Section 194BB]
Section: D TDS from Payment to Contractors [Section 194C]
Chapter: 22 TDS From Payment to Contractors
Chapter: 23 Issues Relevant to TDS Under Section 194C
Chapter: 24 TDS Under Section 194C Vis-a-Vis Transport Contract
Chapter: 25 Applicability of Section 194C Vis-a-Vis That of Section 194-I
Chapter: 26 Applicability of Section 194C Vis-a-Vis That of Section 194J
Chapter: 27 TDS Under Section 194C in Regard to Various Payments
Chapter: 28 CBDTs Clarifications Regarding Applicability of Section 194C
Section: E TDS From Certain Specified Payments [Sections 194D, 194DA, 194EE, 194F, 194G, 194H, 194-I, 194-IA, 194-IB, 194-IC, 194J, 194LA, 194LBA, 194LBB & 194LBC]
Chapter: 29 TDS From Payment of Insurance Commission [Section 194D]
Chapter: 30 TDS From Payment in Respect of Life Insurance [Sections 194DA]
Chapter: 31 TDS from Payments in Respect of Deposits Under NSS, Etc. [Section 194EE]
Chapter: 32 TDS from Payment on Account of Repurchase of Units by Mutual Fund or UTI [Section 194F]
Chapter: 33 TDS from Payment of Commission, Etc. on Sale of Lottery Tickets [Section 194G]
Chapter: 34 TDS from Payment of Commission or Brokerage [Section 194H]
Chapter: 35 TDS from Payment of Rent [Section 194-I]
Chapter: 36 TDS on Transfer of Certain Immovable Property Other than Agricultural Land [Section 194-IA]
Chapter: 37 TDS on Rent by Individul and HUF not Liable to Tax Audit [Section 194-IB]
Chapter: 38 TDS on Payment Under Joint Development Agreement [Section 194-IC]
Chapter: 39 TDS from Fees for Professional or Technical Services or Royalty or Non-Compete Fee [Section 194J]
Chapter: 40 TDS from Payment of Compensation on Acquisition of Certain Immovable Property [Section 194LA]
Chapter: 41 TDS in Respect of Income From Units of Business Trust [Section 194LBA]
Chapter: 42 TDS in Respect of Income From Units of Investment Fund [Section 194LBB]
Chapter: 43 TDS from Income in Respect of Investment in Securitisation Trust [Section 194LBC]
Part: III Non-Residents Specific TDS Obligations [Sections 194E, 194LB, 194LC, 194LD, 195, 196B, 196C and 196D]
Chapter: 44 TDS from Payments to Non-Resident Sportsmen or Entertainers or Sports Associations [Section 194E]
Chapter: 45 TDS from Payment of Interest to Non-Residents on Infrastructure Debt Fund [Section 194LB]
Chapter: 46 TDS on Interest Income Paid by Indian Company [Section 194LC]
Chapter: 47 TDS From Payment of Interest on Certain Bonds and Government Securities [Section 194LD]
Chapter: 48 TDS from Payments to Non-Residents [Section 195]
Chapter: 49 Nature, Scope and Applicability of Section 195
Chapter: 50 TDS Under Section 195(2) on Appropriate Proportion of Payments to Non-Residents
Chapter: 51 Obtaining Certificate Under Section 195(3) for Non Deduction of Tax
Chapter: 54 TDS Under Section 195 from Payment of Export Commission to Non-Resident Agents
Chapter: 55 TDS Vis-a-Vis Reimbursement of Expenses
Chapter: 56 TDS Obligations Vis-a-Vis Payment of Royalty and Fees for Technical Services
Chapter: 57 TDS on Payment to Expatriate Employees
Chapter: 58 Applicability of Section 195 Vis-a-Vis Miscellaneous Payments to Non-Residents
Chapter: 59 Procedural Aspects as to Remittance to Non-Residents
Chapter: 60 Refund of TDS Under Section 195 to Tax Deductor
Chapter: 61 Consequences of Failure to Deduct or Pay Tax from Payment to Non-residents
Chapter: 62 Real Life Queries Regarding TDS Under Section 19
Chapter: 63 TDS from Payments to Offshore Fund [Section 196B]
Chapter: 64 TDS from Income from Foreign Currency Bonds or Shares of Indian Company to Non-Resident Indians [Section 196C]
Chapter: 65 TDS from Income of Foreign Institutional Investors from Securities [Section 196D]
Part: IV Consequences of Violation of TDS Provisions
Chapter: 66 Disallowance of Expenditure for Non-Deduction of Tax at Source
Chapter: 67 Assessee Deemed to be in Default Under Section 201
Chapter: 68 Employer When Not Deemed to be in Default
Chapter: 69 Assessee Not to be Deemed to be in Default Under Section 201(1) Where Tax Already Paid by Recipients
Chapter: 70 Waiver of Interest Charged Under Section 201(1A)(i)
Chapter: 71 Penalty for Failure in Compliance of TDS Provisions
Chapter: 72 Levy of Fee Under Section 234E for Late Filing of TDS Return
Chapter: 73 Prosecution Possibilities in Case of Failure in Complying with TDS Provisions
Chapter: 74 Standard Operating Procedure for Prosecution in Cases of TDS/TCS Default
Chapter: 75 Standard Operating Procedure Defining Roles of Various TDS Authorities in Addressing to Issue of Prosecution/ Compounding in TDS Cases
Part: V Miscellaneous TDS Specific Compliances
Chapter: 76 TDS and TCS Account Number [Section 203A]
Chapter: 77 No Deduction or Deduction at Lower Rate [Sections 197 and 197A]
Chapter: 78 Time and Manner of Deposit of TDS
Chapter: 79 Credit for Tax Deducted at Source [Section 199]
Chapter: 80 TDS Certificate [Section 203]
Chapter: 81 Annual Statement of TDS by Department in Form 26AS
Chapter: 82 Submission of Quarterly Statement of Tax Deducted
Chapter: 83 Procedure Regarding Filing of TDS Correction Statement
Chapter: 84 Processing of Statements of TDS and Correction Statement
Chapter: 85 TDS Inconsistencies and Intimation Under Section 200A
Chapter: 86 Furnishing of Quarterly Returns Regarding Details of Non‑Deduction of Tax by Banks, Co‑operative Societies and Public Sector Companies [Section 206A]
Chapter: 85 Higher Rate of TDS on Non Furnishing of PAN
Chapter: 86 Residuary Provisions Relating to TDS
Chapter: 87 TDS/TCS Survey [Section 133A]
Chapter: 88 Rates for Tax Collection at Source [For Financial Year 2017-18]
Chapter: 89 Collection of Tax at Source [Section 206C]
Chapter: 90 Time and Manner for Depositing TCS
Chapter: 91 Filing of TCS Statement
Chapter: 92 Processing of TCS Statement
Chapter: 93 Credit for TCS
Chapter: 94 TCS Certificate
Chapter: 95 Miscellaneous TCS Specific Provisions
Chapter: 96 Consequences of Failure to Collect or Pay Tax
Chapter: 97 Higher Rate of TCS on Non-Furnishing of PAN
Chapter: 98 Real Life TCS Related Queries

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