Shroff Publishers Strategic Financial Managment A Comprehensive Guide for CA Final (New Syllabus) As Per Updated Syllabus November 2020 Paper Solved by AN SRIDHAR Edition 2021


  • Concept oriented approach
  • Examination oriented
  • Comprehensive coverage of CA Final syllabus
  • Large number of examples
  • Large number of solved problems
  • Exercises for self evaluation
  • Model paper for practice

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Fully revised with the updated study material by ICAI (released in December 2020) and is tailored to suit the final year students of CA Final who are appearing for May 2021 examinations or later, under new syllabus. This edition also incorporates several additional problems including those asked in the November 2020 examination. It also incorporates solution to the January 2021 (November 2020 ? Cycle II) examination question paper. Minor typographical errors have been corrected in the chapter of Equity Portfolio Management and other chapters. As ever, this book tries to balance the needs of those group of students who want to use this material just for passing the examination and the needs of those group of students who wants to learn in detail and pass the examination with high marks.


Section I

  1. Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy
  2. Risk Management

Section II

  1. Valuation of Preference Shares, Warrants and Rights
  2. Valuation of Bonds
  3. Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  4. Equity Analysis & Valuation
  5. Equity Portfolio Management
  6. Alternative Investment strategies

Section III

  1. Securitization
  2. Mutual Funds
  3. Equity Derivatives Futures
  4. Equity Derivatives Options
  5. Commodity Derivatives

Section IV

  1. International Finance -1 – Foreign Exchange Markets
  2. International Finance -2 – Parity Theorems & Exchange Rate Determination
  3. International Finance -3 – Measuring & Managing Foreign Exchange Exposures
  4. International Finance -4 – International Financial Management
  5. International Finance -5 – International Working Capital Management
  6. Interest Rate Risk Management
  7. Real Options

Section V

  1. Corporate Valuation
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. Corporate Restructuring & Takeovers

Section VI

24. Start-up Finance

25. Venture Capital Financing


  1. Important Short Questions
  2. Present Value Tables
  3. Interpolation
  4. Logarithms & Exponentials
  5. Normal Distribution Table
  6. Natural Logarithm & Exponential Tables
  7. Model Paper

About the Author

A. N. Sridhar? is a finance professional who has wide experience of more than two decades in various fields including banking, forex markets, money market, mutual funds, stock and derivatives markets. Being well versed with dealing and thereby interacting with various players of the market, the author has used his practical knowledge to explain several concepts of futures and options in a simple and lucid manner. He has delivered lectures on equity & derivative markets to students and professionals. Owing to experience in teaching, he has been able to express even the complex topics in a short and easily understandable form. He believes that perfection in any work can only be attained with the mastery of concepts. And therefore more pages are dedicated to explanation of the concepts. He has also authored books on Financial Management and Operations Research

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