LexisNexis Textbook on Indian Penal Code by KD GAUR Edition 2020


LexisNexis Textbook on Indian Penal Code by KD GAUR Edition 2020

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. General Explanations
Chapter 3. Of Punishments
Chapter 4. General Exceptions
Chapter 5. Of Abetment
Chapter 5A Criminal Conspiracy
Chapter 6. Of Offence Against the state
Chapter 7. Of offence relating to the army, navy and air force
Chapter 8. Of offence against the public tranquillity
Chapter 9. Of offence by or relating to public sevenths
Chapter 9 A Of Offences Relating to Elections
Chapter 10. Of contempts of the lawful authority of public sevenths
Chapter 11. Of false evidence and offences against public justice
Chapter 12. Of offence relating to coin and government stamps
Chapter 13. Of offence relating to weight and measures
Chapter 14. Of offence affecting the public health, safety , convenice, defency and morals
Chapter 15. Of offence relting to religion
Chapter 16.Of offence affecting the human body
Chapter 17. Of offences against property
Chapter 18. Of offences relating to documents and property marks
Chapter 19. Of the criminal breach of contracts of service
Chapter 20. Of offences relating to marriage
Chapter 20 A of Cruelty by husband or relatives of husband
Chapter 21. Of defamation
Chapter 22. Of criminal intimidation, insult and annoyance
Chapter 23. Of attempts to commit offences

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