Lawmann’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Offencer by S.L. Mukherjee Edition 2022


Lawmann’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Offencer by S.L. Mukherjee Edition 2022

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 Introduction  Abduction, Kidnapping and Rape Synopsis  Acquittal Appealed Synopsis  Attempt To Rape Synopsis  Consensual Sex Synopsis  Determination of Age Synopsis  False Promise To Marriage and Rape Synopsis  Forcible Sex synopsis  Gang Rape Proof of Synopsis  Investigation in Rape Cases Synopsis  Medical, Circumstantial And Chemical Examinations Synopsis  Offence of Rape Synopsis  Outraging Modesty of Woman Synopsis  Rape-Depth of Penetration Synopsis  Rape-Absence of Evidence Synopsis  Rape-Acquittal of Accused Synopsis  Rape-Analysis of Evidence Synopsis  Rape and Murder-Proof of Synopsis  Rape and Pregnancy Synopsis  Rape-Benefit of Doubt Synopsis  Rape-Corroboration of Prosecutrix Synopsis  Rape-Doubtful Synopsis  Rape-False Implication Synopsis  Rape-Harassment and Cruelty Synopsis  Rape-Hesitation to Report Synopsis  Rape-Medico-Legal Examination Synopsis  Rape on Criminal Intimidation Synopsis  Rape on Minor Synopsis  Rape or Adultery Comment  Rape or Sexual Enjoyment Synopsis  Rape Physically Invalid/Retarded Synopsis  Rape-Proof of Guilt Synopsis  Rape-Miscellaneous Proofs Synopsis  Rape-Reliability of Witnesses  Rape Sentence Synopsis  Rape-Silence From Victim Synopsis  Relevancy of Medical Evidence in Rape Cases Synopsis  Reliable Prosecutrix synopsis  The Employer’s Role in Prevention Synopsis  Legal Recourse For Victims of Sexual Harassment Synopsis  Sexual Harassment Synopsis  Sexual Intercourse/Exploitation Synopsis  What is Sodomy Synopsis  Sexual Intercourse on Daughter Synopsis  Sexual Relationship Synopsis  Kidnapping And Rape Synopsis  Solitary Witness Synopsis  Trespass, Rape and Murder Synopsis  Offences Relating to Marriage Synopsis  Tricks Played on Victim Synopsis  Voluntary Sex Synopsis  Table of Cases  A to Z

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