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Lawmann’s Outline on Evidence by M L Bhargava Edition 2021


Lawmann’s Outline on Evidence by M L Bhargava Edition 2021

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Introduction, Accomplice Evidence, Synopsis ,Admissibility of Evidence, Synopsis ,Admissions, Synopsis ,Admissions not Conclusive Proof, Comment ,Burden of Proof, Synopsis ,Child witness, Synopsis ,Circumstantial Evidence, Synopsis ,Conclusive Proof, synopsis ,Conducting Identification Parade, Synopsis ,Confession, Synopsis ,Credibility of Witness, Synopsis ,Cross-Examination, Synopsis ,Cruelty, Synopsis ,Customs, Synopsis ,Date of Birth, Comment ,Documentary Evidence, Synopsis ,Dowry Death, Synopsis ,Dying Declaration, Synopsis ,Estoppel, Synopsis ,Evidence of Extra-Judicial Confession, Synopsis ,Evidence in Affidavits, Synopsis ,Evidence in Affidavits, Synopsis ,Evidence in Murder, Synopsis ,Evidence in Rape Cases, Synopsis, ,Harassment, Synopsis ,Hearsay Evidence, Comment ,Hostile Witnesses, Synopsis ,Identification, Synopsis ,Independent Witness, Synopsis ,Injuries, Synopsis ,Interested Witness, Synopsis ,Last Seen Evidence, Synopsis ,Medical Evidence, Synopsis ,Motive, Synopsis ,Multiple Dying Declarations, Synopsis ,Non-Examination of Witness, Synopsis ,Opinion of Experts, Synopsis ,Oral and Medical Evidence, Synopsis ,Oral Evidence, Synopsis ,Evidence of Witnesses, Synopsis ,Presumptions, Synopsis ,Probable Time of Occurrence, Comment ,Proof of Age, Synopsis ,Reasonable Doubt, Synopsis ,Recovery/Discovery Evidence, Synopsis ,Related Witness, Synopsis ,Reliability of Evidence, Synopsis ,Solitary Witness, Synopsis ,Statements, Synopsis ,Time of Death, Synopsis ,Unreliable Testimony, Synopsis ,Subject Index…………….