Thomson Reuters SETHNA’S Indian Company Law Practice and Procedure (Set of 6 Volumes) by Jehangir M J Sethna Edition 2021


Thomson Reuters SETHNA’S Indian Company Law Practice and Procedure by Jehangir M J Sethna Edition 2021

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Sethna’s classic on Indian Company Law is a comprehensive section-wise commentary along with Practice and Procedure on the Companies Act, 2013. The book enjoys textular fascination with proven legal acumen from generations. Since the Modern India Company Law has been revamped, the book has in-depth excursion into both the contextual and conceptual changes as have been brought about. Keeping Sethna’s spirit intact, each and every section of the Companies Act, 2013 is well-analysed, well-commented and appended with Analogous Law, Mandate of Section, Applicable Rules, Applicable Circulars, Notifications and the Case Laws. This multi-voluminous work is reader-friendly and a proven-exhaustive discussion on every point of law with more practical dint of subjects undertaken. The first live volumes provide commentaries on the Companies Act, 2013 and rest of the subsequent volumes contain Rules, Regulations, Circulars, Notifications, etc. We have also annexed various flow charts, table of cases and a prolific subject index for quick references of our esteemed readers. Since the new act has introduced certain new concepts to support facilitation of business, enhanced disclosures, better board governance, greater accountability, etc., so for so, we have elaborately dealt with the topics, viz, One Person Company, Dormant Company, Independent Director/Woman Director. Resident Director, Rotation of Auditors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Disclosures, Insider Trading, Cross-border Mergers, Accounting Frauds, Global Depository Receipts, Class Actions, Whistle Blowing etc. We are providing a detailed commentary on Company Incorporation, Prospectus, Allotment of Securities, Share, Debenture, Dividend, Acceptance of Deposit by Companies, Company Accounts, Board Meetings, Mismanagement, Corporate Insolvency, NCLT and NCLAT.

Following are some of the distinguishing features of the instant treatise :

  • A complete in-built compendium on the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Amended till Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020 and Rules, etc., framed thereunder.
  • Volume 1 – spreads into Sections 1 to 82; Volume 2 – Sections 83 tol49; Volume 3 – Sections 150 to 205; Volume 4 – Sections 206 to 271 and Volume 5 – Sections 272 to 470 and Schedules.
  • All Circulars, Notifications, Clarifications incorporated as up-to-date.
  • Covers all aspects of Secretarial Practices.
  • Covers offences and penalties under separate rubrics.
  • Case Law till October, 2020 incorporated at appropriate places in the text.
  • For better comprehension of courtroom developments across the globe, landmark foreign precedents are also covered.
  • Consolidated Subject Index annexed for quick references.
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