Commercial law publishers :- Unified building Bye Laws for Delhi 2016


Unified building Bye Laws for Delhi 2016

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Delhi got its Revised Unified-Building Bye-Iraws after 33 years. The revised bye_
laws have been made user-friendly throtr[h unification and Jimplification of a host
of amendments made over the lastihree de-cades as well as conv”igur,.” orupprovals
by different agencies into a singleplatform.
Delhi’s-building bye-laws were last revised in 1983 and several amendments
made over the last three decades, resulting in complexity and even confusion in
under,qtanding various changes and filinglpplications accordingly. To do away with this problem, the bye{aws were unifi-ed?or easy refer”.r.”, b”iides to simplify
the processes. The specific features of these Revised unified nuiiding nye-taws may
be summarized thus:
The new single-window mechanism would help ease constructionbusiness in
the national capital besides promoting investment.
t 9″”.:omrnon application form has been devised for online submission to the
local body concerned instead of applying to various ug”r.i”, like Delhi Fire services, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi t.iiur” Arts Comniission and National
Monuments Authority etc. apart from central ministries of forests, ,u1*uyr,
defence etc.
The approval can be granted within 30 days.
Applicantswillnotberequired to makepayments to various agencies separately
and instead can make singre paymeniellctronically to the “urban to*t uoay
t F,ol residential plots of sizes up to 105 square metres, the owners need not
obtain sanction of building plani. They wifjust have to submit an unaertaking, intimating about the construction ilong with the requisite fees and other
documents to begin construction.
The number of documents to be submitted for obtaining building permits has
been reduced from 40 tojust 14.
t wAlosuolrd t ob ep rpersoemnto taenda iens bthueiltti-cuaplly a pielaesa.sing and vibrant environment, public art
A creative feedback from the leamed reads, bringing to our notice any mistake,
error or omission or discrepancy that might have crJptln this book in siite of oui qsiunacleitrye, esftfyolert sa ntdo parveosiedn tthaotiosen, oisf tmheo sbto woke licno tmhee ,f ofortrh ic’to wmiilnl gr, eLlipiu uos” tro

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