ALLAHABAD LAW AGENCY’S Law of Torts by R.K BANGIA’s Edition 2021


ALLAHABAD LAW AGENCY’S Law Of Torts Including Compensation Under The Motor Vehicles Act and Consumer Protection Laws by DR R.K BANGIA Edition 2020

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This is the twenty-sixth edition of the book, the twenty-fifth edition, appeared in 2020. Since then the law has undergone material changes. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 stands amended in 2019 by the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 amended in 2019 is re-titled as the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. Hence, the book needed revision. Though, the statutes are amended in 2019, the law stands as is declared under the pre-amendment statutes. Some of the important and landmark
pronouncements are:
Subramanian Swami V. Union of India, AIR 2016 SC 2728 (Defamation-truth not a complete defence): Anita Thakur v. Government of J. & K.), AIR 2016 SC 3803 (Noise pollution a nuisance): “Z v. State of Bihar, AIR 2017 SC 3908 (Medical negligence); V.S. Rajakbhai v. State of Gujarat, AIR 2016 SC 2429 (Statutory negligence); National Insurance Co. Ltd. v. A. Bhowmick, AIR 2019 SC 4133 (Self-driven vehicle-no claim); Archi Saini v, Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., AIR 2019 SC 1143 (Contributory negligence); Shamanna v. D.M. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., AIR 2018 SC 1726 (Principle of pay and recover insurance claim); Sunita v, Rajasthan State Transport Corporation, AIR 2019 SC 994 (Rash and negligent driving); Jagdish v. Mohan, AIR 2019 SC 1347 (Measure of compensation); National Insurance Co. Ltd. v. P. Sethi, AIR 2017 SC 5157 (Benefit of future prospects); Meena Verma v. State of H.P., AIR 2018 SC 4764 [(Constitution of State Commission (Consumer): Karnataka Housing Board v. K.A. Nagamani, AIR 2019 SC 2290 (Revisional jurisdiction of National Consumer Commission); Secretary, Ministry of Commerce v. M/s. Vinod & Co., AIR 2019 SC 345 (Formation of Exim Policy-a service); Oriental Ins. Co. Ltd. v. Mahendra Construction, AIR 2019 SC 2182 (Non-disclosure of facts in Insurance Policy); Nand Kishore Prasad v. Mohib Hamidi, AIR 2019 SC 2385 (Medical negligence). Besides, the above mentioned judgments, the work incorporates almost all the relevant pronouncements of the Apex Court and the High Courts, reported upto August, 2019. The basic format, structure and style of the book has been preserved

Part I – Law of Torts
Chapter 1    The Nature of a Tort
Chapter 2    General Defences
Chapter 3    Capacity
Chapter 4    Vicarious Liability
Chapter 5    Vicarious Liability of the State
Chapter 6    Remoteness of Damage
Chapter 7    Trespass to the Person
Chapter 8    Defamation
Chapter 9    Nuisance
Chapter 10  Abuse of Legal Procedure
Chapter 11  Negligence
Chapter 12  Medical and Professional Negligence
Chapter 13  Contributory Negligence and Composite Negligence
Chapter 14  Liability for Dangerous Premises
Chapter 15  Liability for Dangerous Chattels
Chapter 16  Rules of Strict and Absolute Liability
Chapter 17  Liability for Animals
Chapter 18  Trespass to Land
Chapter 19 Trespass to Goods, Detinue and Conversion
Chapter 20  Interference with Contract or Business
Chapter 21  Liability for Misstatements
Chapter 22  Death in Relation to Tort
Chapter 23  Damages, Claim and Compensation
Chapter 24  Remedies
Part II – Compensation under the Motor Vehicle Act
Chapter 25  Compensation under the Motor Vehicles Act
Part III – Consumer Protection Law
Chapter 26  The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
Chapter 27  The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969

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