CA Final Exam — Tips and Tricks

These are few useful tips to crack the CA final exam:

Revision: With just 9 days left in hand, you must focus on revising topics for the 8 subjects which you have already studied so far. Utilizing these 9 days – doing test and previous questions papers and going through your notes, can help you to enhance your preparation for the CA final exam.

Study Hours: Now the CA final exam is just around the corner so don’t push yourself very hard by studying for longer hours. Always limit your study time within 10-11 hours/day. Don’t try to study more, as it will strain you out too much.

Go Through Solutions of Previous Papers: One of the best way to utilize the remaining few days for CA final exam is by going through solutions of previous question papers. This helps you to get yourself more familiar with possible questions and answers. There are few critical topics that are often repeated than others and if you are clear about these topics then you stand a better chance to score higher in the CA final exam.

Time Management: Managing your time effectively before the CA exam is mandatory. Avoid watching TV, checking Facebook notifications, hanging out with friends and other leisure activities. Scoring high in the exam should be your top priority, everything else can be done later. In addition, build a time management strategy for your exam day. Practice question paper for each subject and allot time to cover all the questions. On your exam day, always answer questions within the allotted time frame. Once you complete your paper, go through once for the final time to check for any error.

Stay Fit: Nothing great can be achieved in life without a healthy body. You can put your best efforts and work hard when you are physically fit. So it is essential to do regular exercise or going for a walk to keep your body fit and mind fresh. Walking or doing some physical activities reduces stress level.

Positive Mindset: Preparing for CA final exam can be overwhelming and it may stress you out mostly in the last few days before the exam. Staying positive and maintaining a calm attitude is essential, as it can help to boost your performance in the exam. Remember, if you worry too much for the exam and remain anxious, your performance at the exam may go down. So stay positive and give your best!


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