4 Things to Learn From a Chartered Accountant (CA)

Here are the four take-away that you are expected to learn and thereby master by the end of the articleship.

Team work The first learning from CA articleship should be team work. Even if later in life, you are in plan to make your own business or practice as an individual, no work is complete without contributions from others. Team work not only implies sharing the work space but also, being in coordination with work pace and quality. If you fail to work in a group, try to derive your mistakes than giving up on the matter.

Constructive criticism Ask any office employee and they know it. All work comes with the end result of criticism. Its rare where your entire work will be appreciated during your CA articleship span. In fact, you can be badly bashed on performing poor during CA articleship. Do not give up losing hope here. Carefully count your steps next time and consider every criticism as the doorway to new learning.

Leadership abilities As a junior member you will definitely be given small roles during your CA articleship. The standout is when out of these small roles you create a unique impression by performing good. Moreover, if in your office there are many CA students doing the same job role its important to stand out among the troop. While leaving the organization you are sure to be accredited for your extra dedication.

Networking From the frame of school and college, CA articleship might be your first step to the professional world. Make complete use of this by building a good rapport with every member you meet. At the first, as a junior this might be tough but with use of platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook – try to build a strong connect. This will help you in future assignments, projects and career prospect.


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